Spiritual as F*ck is a journey of self-discovery written with cunning intellect and delightful sarcasm. As someone who guarded themselves from faith under the guise of being 'realistic, ' I believe this book will help even the biggest skeptics re-evaluate whether the doubts they cling to are really serving them. Allow Spiritual as F*ck to inspire you on an entertaining journey to trust in the universe and to discover the power of faith, belief, and the law of attraction.


$10 of every sale will be donated to the Knight’s Closet, a Non-Profit Willie is on the Board of helping students in need, particularly those who are homeless or at-risk. The goal is to meet students basic needs with items such as food, clothing, hygiene products and school supplies.  

We are hopeful by fulfilling these needs students will be able to focus on their education. The district's social work team will be working closely with these students to ensure they are educated on how to access additional outside resources.


Spiritual As F*ck by Willie Katinowsky