The oneDAM is oneDecisionAmongstMany is about influencing us all to make more meaningful purchases when consuming.

Our products are 100% made in the USA.


Not to be isolated from the global economy but to positively influence how businesses operates within it.

Capitalism and Globalization have led to some really amazing advancements and helped developing countries. However, it has come at the detriment of humanity and also our environment. 

The clothes we wear the gadgets we play, hell even the banks we call up are mostly outsourced at the hands of oppressive and opportunistic conglomerates who

1. Do not recognize the people behind these products/services


2. Have work conditions that are dangerous and operate under regulations that are often times exploited through corruption. 


In order, in our opinion, enhance the wealth equality in the USA and the world. We believe the fabric of the American Dream needs to be reinvigorated. 

oneDAM is committed to positively influencing the world through proactively supporting ethical, local and small businesses and upon growth regionalizing where our goods are produced to support those economies.

Is this too idealistic...Well probably and so be it.