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oneDAM Project is a Humanitarian Apparel Co. that exists to inspire and integrate purpose behind our purchases. Our goal is a brand that elevates our communities; locally, nationally and globally.


The idea of "oneDAM" started in 2011 while working in San Francisco at ING Direct now, Capital One's, financial cafe. I was serving coffee and pastries and marketing but at the end of each night is when this little "start-up" came to life.  Every single night we had at least 50 meals worth of "waste".  Instead of throwing them out we bagged them up and on the walk home on Market Street between Montgomery to Powell Street Stations we handed out food and drinks to every homeless person we met. 

I would talk with hundreds of them and listen to their stories and I remember distinctly stories that were not too foreign to all of ours.  That the fall from stability is only out of reach for the few not the many. 


We spent many sleepless night thinking how can be bridge this gap and came up with, "what if everyone gave one DAY A MONTH to their community!" Wouldn't that solve some of these problems?"​

The Project of the oneDAM brand to inspire us all oneDAYAMONTH andoneDonationAMONTH volunteer your time and money to a charity or cause that appeals to your hearts whilst provoking us all to make oneDecisionAmongstMany in our shopping habits.


Capitalisim has for far too long valued profits over people. We believe that their is a unique opportunity to triangulate solutions to all of the worlds problems.

Rome wasn't built in a day and all of the problems humanity faces will not be solved tomorrow. But giving oneDAM is a solid start.


Thank you for rocking our upside-down crown and tree and supporting our mission to together 'make a difference that outlasts our existence. '

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