oneDAM Project is a Humanitarian Apparel Co.llective that exists inspire human connection. Our goal is a brand elevates our communities; locally, nationally and globally.

All of our products are ethically sourced in the USA and proceeds are used to co.llaborate directly with people that are affected by Natural and Unnatural disasters as well as co.ntribute to existing non-profits that are paving a brighter future.

oneDAM is about inspiring and being inspired to oneDAYAMONTH and/or onepayDAYAMONTH volunteer your time or donate to a charity or cause that appeals to your hearts whilst provoking us all to make oneDecisionAmongstMany in our shopping habits.


Capitalisim has for far too long valued profits over people. We believe that their is a unique opportunity to triangulate solutions to all of the worlds problems.

Rome wasn't built in a day and all of the problems humanity faces will not be solved tomorrow. But giving oneDAM is a solid start.


Thank you for rocking our upside-down crown and tree and supporting our mission to together 'make a difference that outlasts our existence. '