Frequently asked questions

How did oneDAM start?

the 'idea' of oneDAM began a long time ago. 2011 while working in San Francisco at a cafe 2020 I can assure was an overwhelming process Selling oneDAM our first year of existence, 2020, and as a result of your support and love we have been to able to accomplish so much…

What are some easy things I can do to help out in my community?

Hand out food, water to the homeless. Pick up trash on the street or in the park. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. Give some time or a donation to a charity near and dear to your heart. Most importantly give the passerbys a smile. One decision amongst many. One day a month. 12 days a year. Just give oneDAM. Do something Good.

I'm an Artist, I want collaborate?

Easy, Send an email over get in contact, tell us about an idea or project you may like to showcase. Lets see if we can help shine some light on positive impacts within our communities.

What are the Wages and the Fair Labor Standards Act?

https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/flsa And why are they Important? https://www.theworldcounts.com/challenges/people-and-poverty/slavery-and-sweatshops/sweatshop-workers-conditions/story What is a sweatshop? Sweatshops are factories where workers work extremely long hours for very low wages under poor, often illegal, conditions. They are not a nice place to work! Sweatshops produce many different products including garments, toys, shoes and furniture that are exported and sold on global markets including in North America and Europe. Most of the world's clothing is manufactured in sweatshops - including many designer brands. 3 cents/hour Sweatshop workers are extremely low-paid Sweatshop wages can be so low that they barely cover essential needs. Some people work for as little as 3 US cent per hour, often more than 100 hours per week in conditions of poor air quality and extreme heat.