oneDAM project is 100% American made Humanitarian Apparel Co. the brand to connect people to apparel and products, with a deeper purpose. To be honest we don't know anything about fashion 

50% of profits

 allocated towards Natural and Unnatural Disasters relief at home and abroad.



             "make a difference that outlasts

our existence"

oneDAM exists to inspire people to donate oneDAY or onePAYDAY a month towards causes you are passionate about! This can be ANYTHING!


our apparel is designed to be represent a company that values PEOPLE over PROFITS


It is for that reason everything we sell is sourced ethically, currently made in the USA. With global ambitions to regionally manufacturer and sell in the emerging markets we enter. 


In order to stay true to our purpose of supporting local businesses, and the communities as well use logistics to create the smallest and most efficient carbon footprint the fashion industry has ever seen!

We are stoked you landed here, check out our Projects and Shop and help join us on our journey to... 

"the project

is to