oneDAM project is 100% American made Humanitarian Apparel Co. the purpose of the brand is to connect people to apparel and products, with a deeper purpose.


50% of profits

 allocated towards Natural and Unnatural Disasters relief at home and abroad.

the purpose of oneDAM project is hopefully to not exist is true the world doesn't need another brand nor another billionaire for that matter...


But right now it is quite evident the world has a lot of what it does not need so it is from here that we reckon we must begin.


A co.mpany focused on people over profits. We know its crazy ;)


Everything is sourced ethically, currently, made in the USA. With global ambitions to regionally  manufacturer  and sell in the emerging markets we enter. 

Our mission is to support and uplift society with a smile, as well as logistically create the smallest and most efficient carbon footprint the planet has ever seen.

what is Grandiose in vision, is realistic in practice. Small actions of kindness make a BIG difference. Maybe but check out 'Projects' and you'll find we are onto something.

Thank you for joining us!


Together we will make "a difference that outlasts our existence."